Grading Syllabus

Taekwondo – the art of kicking and punching

  Promotion to 3rd Kup  

Basic Technique: -

Scissor block in forward stance.

Low block reverse punch at same time in a forward stance.

Open hand rising block/knife hand strike at same time forward stance.

Knife hand strike, elbow strike in back stance then forward stance.

Front kick, low block, high block reverse punch in forward stance.

Jump front kick from back stance.

Front kick, jump front kick, reverse hook kick in back stance.

Jumping back kick.

Poomse: - Oh Jang    1 step sparing: - 4 different techniques.  

Light free sparring.    Self-Deffence.

Destruction: - Forefist punch and turning kick to 1 inch of wood.

Terminology: - General terms.

Poomse Taeguk/Palgwe Oh Jang -- Wind
(South West, Eldest daughter) Wind is a gently force, but can sometimes be furious, destroying everything in it's path. Poomse Taeguk/Palgwe Oh Jang should be performed like the wind: gently, but knowing the ability of mass destruction with a single movement.

oh jang