Grading Syllabus

Taekwondo – the art of kicking and punching

Promotion to 4th Kup

Basic Technique: -

Back knuckle strike downwards in a forward stance.

Palm heel strike in a forward stance.

Palm heel block downwards in back stance.

Elbow strike in horse riding stance.

Outer midsection/high section block at same time back stance.

Reverse hook kick from back stance.

Front kick, turning kick, side kick from back stance.

Flying side kick.

Poomse: - Sa Jang   1 step sparing: - 4 different techniques.

Light free sparring.    Self-Defence.     Destruction:-Knife hand strike & side kick to 1 inch of wood.


Front kick–Ap chagi, Rising kick–Ap cha olligi,     Turning kick–Dollyo chagi, Side kick –Yeop chagi,

Back kick–Dwit chagi, Hook kick–Hooryo chagi,    Crescent kick–Bandal chagi, Jumping kick–Twio chagi.

Poomse Taeguk/Palgwe Sa Jang -- Thunder
(North East, Eldest son) Thunder comes from the sky and is absorbed by the earth. Thunder is one of the most powerful natural forces, circling, gyrating. This Taeguk/Palgwe should be performed with this in mind.

sa jang