Grading Syllabus

Taekwondo – the art of kicking and punching

  Promotion to 5th Kup  

Basic Technique: -

X block in a forward stance.

Outer forearm block in a forward stance.

Rising block/punch together in forward stance.

Knife hand strike, elbow strike in back then forward stance.

Front kick, low block, reverse punch in forward stance.

Low section, mid section side kick from back stance.

Front kick, side kick, back kick from back stance.

Stepping side kick from back stance.

Poomse: - Sam Jang   1 step sparing: - 4 different techniques.  Light free sparring.

Terminology: -

Knifehand strike–Sonnal chigi,     Back knuckle strike–Deung joomok

Elbow strike–Palkup chigi,     Spear finger–Pyon son keut chigi

Hammer fist–Mejoomok chigi,     Target strike–Pyojok chigi

Lead punch–Bandae jeurigi, Reverse punch–Baro jeurigi

Poomse Taeguk/Palgwe Sam Jang -- Fire
(East, Second daughter) Fire contains a lot of energy. Fire helped man to survive, but on the other hand had some catastrophical results. This form should be performed rhythmically, with some outbursts of energy.

sam jang