Grading Syllabus

Taekwondo – the art of kicking and punching

  Promotion to 7th Kup  

Basic Technique: -

Knife hand strike in a back stance.

Back knuckle strike in a back stance.

Wedge block in a forward stance.

Low block , Reverse punch in forward stance.

Front kick, high section punch in forward stance.

Turning Kick from a back stance.

Side kick from a back stance.

Outer crescent kick from a back stance.

Poomse: - Il Jang 3 step sparing: - 4 different techniques. 

Terminology: -

Stances – Seogi (soggy), Forward stance–Ap koobi,

Back stance–Dwit koobi Walking stance–Ap seogi,

Horse riding stance–Joochoom seogi, Low section–Arae,

Middle section–Momtong, High section–Olgool.

Poomse Taeguk/Palgwe Il Jang -- Heaven
(South, Father) The first Taeguk/Palgwe is the beginning of all Poomses. The associated trigram represents Yang (heaven, light), therefore, this Poomse should be performed with the greatness of Heaven

il jang