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Chun Ma Competition

28th September 2014

A great competition for Kyohoon, all competitors did fantastic, results as follows;

1 Step Sparring.
 Kup grades11 - 17years: Gold - Ben and Prem, Silver - Jemini and Megan, Bronze - Jacob and Prem
Dan grades Under 18's : Bronze - Dylan and Stephen.   30+: Tracey and Shauna

Self Defence.
Kup Grades Under 18's: Prem and Jemini.

Full Contact Sparring.
Winners - Prem and Jemini
Runners up - Jacob, Stephen and Jemini.

Sang Mu Taekwondo - open competition 24th November 2013.

Junior Dan Grade patterns

Thomas Gethin - Silver

Junior Dan grade one step sparring

Eden Fisher and Thomas Gethin - Bronze

Junior flying Side Kick

Thomas Gethin - Gold
Liam Fisher -

nior Under 10's kup patterns

Ben Cottam - Bronze

unior 10 - 17 kup patterns

Jacob Fisher - Gold
Megan Cottam -

Junior 10 - 17 kup ons step

Jacob Fisher and Alex Chapman - Silver
Megan Cottam and Ben Cottam -


Eden Fisher
Jemini Patel

Second place
Alex Chapman
Jemini Patel
Megan Cottam
Eden Fisher
Jacob Fisher
Prem Patel
Stephen Foster